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The Fury
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"Is it really Possible to Acquire Wisdom from 3 Decades of Experience and 30 Countries traveled to — Without leaving your Seat... ?

The answer, Fury gave to me in the following letter. If you're serious about gaining the Vagabond Insights WITHOUT having to leave the comfort of the place you're sitting now and reading this, continue with care.

When I met Fury he was wild, not as much as he was in the past, but he still had those wildstreaks, like a mustang you can never break in. People always asked him: to what SINGLE thing did he owe his success, what singular thing made him different from the rest?

Fury smoked at length, pondered long about this and came up with the answer, albeit simplistic:

The Road.
Being a Vagabond in The Dark.

The road led Fury to meet Paris Hilton, Andrew Tate and Talisman Tate, and James Altucher; but it was ONLY because he took up the cloak of the Vagabond that this was possible.

For the rambler, the never ending, unwinding road is the only Source of Inspiration you need to foster Sage-like Wisdom. To name the legends who have capitalized on this: Kerouac, Thompson, Bukowski, Rimbaud, Henry Miller, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, etc, the list goes on...

Let's start with the letter:

"I'm giving you this, to show them how important this is, my life's work — my words. I nearly died on that mountain for this. I need to show them that these words matter, that my writing matters. This is about the clan—"

—Always a troubled soul, that Fury...

"Show them what's part of the life's work of the Vagabond, illuminate the writings, and thus their hearts."

Besides this letter, he gave me a scroll and left. Instructed, I took it upon me to divide it into seven chapters, editing out the mistakes (classic Fury, always bustling about) and I turned it into The Book of the Vagabond, this is what houses inside:

  • Lessons from rambling in 30 countries across multiple decades
  • Missing flights in Denmark
  • Cocaine with guys from Mumbai at Tomorrowland Belgium
  • Chess hustling in Brussels
  • Dates with Norwegian model in Oslo
  • Near Death Experiences on a Norwegian mountain
  • Meditative insights jotted down in a journal on top of the Norwegian mountain
  • Meditative musings conjured up walking along the rivers of Stockholm in Fall

(the list will continue in a bit). The Letter continues:

"I wanted to reveal ALL the lessons learned on the road (30 countries, 3 decades) for posterity, no matter what walk of life you come from; All for grabs in the palm of your hands. No travels needed, no sage-like scars required.

If you immerse properly, wisdom comes instantly.
Your lust for your unpaved road grows.
Your zest for life vibrates."

Before we continue with the letter and reveal the secret of the Vagabond: "instant transmission of knowledge through immersion"... first the lies...

In Fury's life he encountered a lot of deceit, from people with ZERO life experience. So then I asked him:

What is the Big Lie that keeps people from living life with vitality; living a bored life instead, stagnant, stationary, bland, repetitive and without any heroic insight or epic experiences to show for?

I felt this needed to be addressed, a big one, but I knew many of my students have troubles with this, it pains them, it makes their heart ache, and I too was like this, so I asked Fury.

Fury said, It's in the letter.
So we continue:

"The big lie — They tell you you need to travel MORE. That you need Years of it.

They conjure up more lies, by forcing you to ENJOY your travels more. That it is never enough: that you need more dates, with prettier women; you're not eating the right local exotic foods, not meeting the right local people, with the right mindset/lifestyle/culture that perfectly matches you.

They say you need (more) money, to experience the above, and more, much much more, always more, always Not enough.

Or - this one always makes me laugh - they say you need to travel with more and or the right people.

They'll tell you there's no secret; thing is they wont be direct to you, but I will, because I am, you know this. I'm going to tell you, in a bit, why you are ASLEEP and all you need to do is open your eyes and wake up..."

This was the reality of many of my students. They were clouded by lackluster solutions of Quantity, Quality, or comraderie/companionship. They all had the fundamentals inside them, to roam free, live free and be free. They just needed to be shown How.

The Cloak over their eyes and hearts needed to be removed, and they needed to be Illuminated. The following students did not get The Fury, at first. Their hearts stayed timid and dark.

Student A: I felt the calling and went to a random country, but I did not get any girls.

A didn't get it.

B: I found it super cool how Fury almost always dies but then neatly every so slightly escapes the jaws of death. So I went to a climb a mountain too, but nothing awesome happened.

B didn't get it.

C: My whole life I'd been stuck in place, in one city, one country. Just slaving away at a shitty job I didn't like. So I quit. And packed a bag and just went out to travel. Hehe, I got so addicted and even wanted to beat Fury, and I traveled to way more countries then him. But then I had to stop moving around and then I got super depressed.

Did not get it.

I've had never ending long private conversations with many students like them.

They always got furyous. The irony.

Then I told them something that shattered their world:

"You were never meant to be like Fury."

Thematically aligned, I actually told Fury something very, very similar.

He had daily struggles after that.

I tried to tell him, that he was not alone, as I did with the failing students, but this only made it worse and they got more frustrated, subcumbing to their vices and they kept failing the initiation ritual to the clan.

Student C, after heartache and trials, one day came back to the temple, knocked on the door of my private chamber and he said:

"Okay, what is the better way?

Why do my travels always leave me frustrated?

And why does the mere thought of being stagnant leave me soulless, like a hole in my throat or chest...

Why does Fur—not only him, why do those legendary Vagabonds you always mentioned seemed to have it so easy, so effortless, what do they get that I don't?"

He was fuming. Here he was stuck in a superficial, materialistic way of life. Always looking to gain. Trying to find it in other people, things, objects, shiny and lofty and always comparing. — all the while knowing about the Vagabonds which are the bedrock of the clan, of legends which is the stardust meant to inspire the hearts of many for aeons. He wanted to be a writer, a scribe, a traveller, warrior poet, sage, he wanted it so bad.

The rest of the answer unravels in Fury's letter:

"After 30 countries traveled to, and 3 decades of experience, haha, I actually found out the secret. I was asleep too. They had lulled me into slumber for decades. I needed the antidote and I set out, once more, once again - it cost me, a lot of money and time and energy, and almost my life.

But the road beckoned for me, called me towards, cooing me, seducing me, but this time it didn't sound like a Lullaby, but like a banshee's Screech;
I saw the light. And I stepped out from the Dark."

I actually told C about Fury's letter, as I was reciting it to him, by this time he was amping and dying for to be snatched out of the dark and into the light: "No more lies, What's the big Secret!"

The letter:

"The very Vagabond mantle, the cloak it was pulled over my eyes, they had done it, I had done it to myself. The thing is The Vagabond Road Warrior Poet - all these things housed in the void and the lore of Zen and Bushido - It's always Instantaneous. I needed to learn how to let go. I needed to drop my guard - not fully, just a bit - so that I may awaken.
So that I may awaken,
activate the Illuminating Eye of The Vagabond.

He who has seen it. But hadn't realized it. There is seeing, but there's also gazing through it, perceiving, staring it down and deep, and them embracing it, dissecting and taking it in. This came to me in a hot flash.

I've met thousands of young warriors, poets, and princes on the road, 99% does not have The Eye, their cloak is over their eyes and not on their back.

Everyone is born with the Eye, and it allows everyone to heighten every normal day experience into the truth of reality instantaneously and see it for what it really is and gain the fruits from the insights presented right in front of them.

Only the elite echelon of vagabonds know this; but it's more so about, they *practice* it.

And if it wasn't for the following tales experienced or passed down to me:

  • Esoteric Insights from attending Funerals
  • Losing wallets in Poland and Portugal / Losing pounds of blood, needing stitches in the ring finger and losing the capacity to write for a Quarter of a year and having to RELEARN how to write with the other hand
  • Stalkers in Lisbon, Portugal
  • Estonian prison
  • Cigars and dining and partying and lunch with prominent figures in Romania
  • Amateur fights in Thailand
  • Getting stabbed in Amsterdam
  • Getting knocked out, Landing in the hospital, twice - one time wheelchair / Needing 7 Stitches in the face

I would've never stumbled upon it. I would've kept living a bland life.

And if I broke free, would've just kept trying to feed an incomplete, unhealthy egotistical drive and just kept being "Fury";

This might be you right Now. That's the tragedy.

Good news is: I cut all that loose, seperated that from me, forged it into the cloak, uncovering The Eye — making it into "The Fury" as an emblem, a torch, illuminating words ... it bears so much light, it's blinding, eye opening and Forces you to SEE, too."

Fury's letter also enclosed proof of the power of his words:

Words from the far East, about Fury's last book, HOOA - The Way of Authenticity

words from a man in Australia, the Word Illuminate Globally.

Let's return to the heart of the letter, which I presented to student C, when he asked:

How does the Eye of Vagabond work?

Answer from the Letter:

"There's a reason why the ancients, and the aforementioned vagabonds, used dialogue, and storytelling as a vehicle to convey their insights. There's almost an instant immersion in sheer ancient wisdom.

Look at Hagakure, the book of the Samurai, that's not just a book comprised of x amount of short-texts, that's THE book of a clan, and it has survived for EONS - that's legacy right there.

The Book of The Vagabond in The Dark is comprised of 680+ unique, and battle-tested, hard earned (with blood and tears and scars and life) short stories.

Tragic tales. Powerful poems. Cataclysmic koans. Inspiring and invigorating insights. Blood bonds. Activating antidotes. Awakening writings.

Once you dive into the ocean of wisdom of any single one tale of the book, you feel the profound Vagabond elemental force of decades of travels to dozens of countries, cross continental."

More enclosed proof, presented to you (impossible to include all of them, or else we'd be here for days). The following is from people like you, students, who all activate The Eye, and started to see the way, their way, but more importantly started to walk the path, their path, their Vagabond Cloak draped from their back darting left and right, flickering along the horizon:

This creator, a man of the arts, was inspired to start his very own next book.

bookclub, a discussion with likeminded minds, impacted, held for the previous book.

Every day we hear from students who had wished they activated their Eye earlier; who got inspired by the role/archetype/emblem/idea of The Fury, this Vagabond, with embers in the dark - by seeing the light of this presence, they were now granted to permission to activate their own Authenticity and start their rambling Tale, with full light, in bright view.

A student had a very valid question:

"So why haven't I ever heard about this secret, why wasn't it taught to me and thousands of others?"

I adhere to your logic, I said to him, let's take it step by step. First, it took time. Fury was not ready to separate himself from his work, his words, to transform it into the emblem in the dark sky, he wasn't ready to present it; he wasn't ready to step out from the dark, with these powerful whispers of the road.

To write a book for a clan, a house, it takes time; it takes maturity.

And then, then, do you think it would just be presented to anyone? I speak to your heart. It's not good for "them", they don't want you to think for yourself, set out, live up to your full potential and start expanding and impacting communities - yes, posterity this is what we are talking about! - this is dangerous; this is Lethal; this is not good for their business, their schemes, they want you enslaved, enchained, and a drone. Hngh, why would they set you free and let you run loose with the full power of a mighty Vagabond burning his own path...

...the student interjects once more:

"Why share it with me then?"

I am going to be honest with you. Most do not become icons, legends, marauders, harponeers, Vagabonds. Further, very few, few, of those ... have what it takes to (1) take to the road (2) own the road, ravish it, dent it, take (while giving..) from it (3) and finally the last heroic, and epic step - nay leap! - to pen it down, crater the page with words of blood (beyond ink).

To hear the traumatic experience of all the students, day in, day out - Can you imagine how painful that is?

We've been there. That's why we're sharing this InSight... We're building a clan this is known, we're looking towards Vagabonds who can take to the road and claim their path and not only Have the Look, look the part, but can really look.

Because the thing is, the beauty of life has always been there; all it took was a different outlook - different Eye.

The student asked, How does this Eye of The Vagabond work, how do I pick up the Cloak and set out?

Fury's Letter Instructs: "The Fury is The Book of The Vagabond in the Dark.

It has a life of its own, it's alive, it vibrates, it's on fire, just as much as it puts on fire. In its wake of smoke it leaves a trail of embers. Each as a signaling beacon in the dark, from the dark, to those willing, those who care, those who set out to blaze their own scorching trail...

The Eye is not something you have to learn, have to know. It's not something with the head. It's something you feel, it's something you intuit, it is there in your gut. It all revolves around the core of the book, which has one smooth, effortless, instant (true to Zen's Void concept, the abyss, the fountain where knowledge springs) formula:

One book, thousands of tales.
One tale, one immersion.
One immersion, one insight.
One insight, Gain Sight.


It's not about completion/perfection, it's about IMMERSION

The Hagakure, the book of the samurai, had 100s of tales, but why was there not more, why was there not less?

I realized, this is arbitrary - in doing research, I wanted to match the amount of chapters it had, wanted to match the themes, the topics, x chapters about dreams, y about revenges, so on and so forth, and I wanted to structure it completely like that. Then I realized this is a fool's game, a fool's errand. AND COMPLETELY not the point of Zen, Bushido, and Samurai - Then it dawned upon me this is about Instantaneous Immersion.

Each of these tales had that guttural insight, like the one-strike of a samurai sword, unsheathed-then sheathed again (Iai Sword Technique). And this is the CORE of The Way of the Vagabond.

You take to the road and you IMMERSE

With Immersion you trump the aforementioned issues of Quantity and Quality, because of DENSITY AND INTENSITY

No technique involved in this, whatsoever.


Life is intense, if you see it. It's right there to be unwrapped, unraveled, if you let it. This mesmerizing, enrapturing experience can be right around the corner.

And it's not about going hard, because this can apply quantity, quality, multiplicity and applying logic and numbers.

It's about depth, going inward, seeing, going deeper, coloring life with powerful intent and intensity.

This is how madness can be birthed by merely going for coffee on the corner of your street. How genius can be unearthed at the stroke of a match of your smoke. How generational bonds can be born, with a spontaneous trip to your local bar.


Life is perfect. It is you that is not perfect, and never will be. But it is only you that is not seeing that. And, ironically, when you do, your life actually comes closer to perfection, it gets imbued with a burst of serenity. The Vagabond knows that the road is never ending; always more places to go; more, better to live; Intenser Explosive Experience; more more more, better better better - This is War; without peace. Serenity needs to be found in the acceptance of giving it your best, giving it your all, in this one singular spectacular moment of the present. If it's not enough, so be it. The road keeps unwinding.

You can bet the amateur does not immerse, act with intensity, have the suave smirk of serenity toying on his face."

The Editor here again. The Fury, The Book of the Vagabond in the Dark aims for posterity, clanhood, the domino effect that writing has, illumination with words birthed at the cusp of mortal danger and dread, including the following tales:

  • Partying with a Bachelor’s party of Germans in Amsterdam
  • Wedding in Secret village of Portugal
  • Distillations from Ancient Greek Mythology
  • Ancient Chinese sayings, prescriptions, rituals 
  • Witch Doctors
  • Journalistic Insights and Scoops from actual Daygame sessions with a Seasoned London Daygamer
  • Insights from witnessing Nelson’s Coat and feeling his Glory, and other London Museums and Masterpieces by Turner like the Battle of Trafalgar and the Fighting Temeraire
  • Wisdoms from Decades old friendships and relationships
  • Being held at gunpoint in Latam
  • Manifestational/Prophetic Dreams
  • Drug abuser tries to stab a man at a New Year’s Party
  • Evolutionary Psychological Insights regarding intergender sexual social and power dynamics
  • Chess Metaphors
  • Archetypal insights: taken for example from Arthurian Myth and Legend
  • Insights on Love
  • Providing Clues to define: What is Spirit? And perhaps more importantly: What is Your Spirit?

This is most definitely not a course. Not just a book. Here are five reason why people love the concept of The Fury, The Book of The Vagabond:

Reason #1

Big parts of the book were written right after Near Death Experiences (NDE). And before. Were the author have perished in any of those events, these words would not have been written down. There's vicious mortality imbued within each letter; pulsating like thick blood with a corporeal soulful vessel.

Reason #2

There's no author who's experienced the above AND can bring to the table wisdom from 3 decades, with travels to 30 countries.

Reason #3

There are no superficial fluff insights here; there's just 680+ powerful micrcosmic Tomes, 178 pages, 31,336 words - seemingly tall tales, but each one with the kinetic realism spun from the Master Vagabond's life and mind.

Reason #4

No complicated technique required. The Hagakure was written from the heart, for the heart, and to the heart. The book of the Samurai was the foundation for the book of The Vagabond in the dark. It was written in the dark, brought to the light, to illuminate those in the dark.

Reason #5

The contents of this book not only carries the age of the author, but also of all those he encountered. It encapsulates shared, compounded Time. This book is a tomb for the wisdom of the souls he met across vast continents, across time. These are insights that can be revisited, and passed Down. It is all Evergreen.

To conclude, the remark I gave Fury that threw him off for a long, long time. I told him: "It's not about you."

He said, "What is it about then?"

Like all my students, I let him ponder on it, all by himself.

We'll get to that in a bit.

You have to know: Only when people pay for insights, do they take care of it, do they acknowledge its power; I don't want you to just skim through. I want you to IMMERSE. I want you to use it as a key to unlock your unique Vagabond mindset for you to live life your way. That's why I want you to invest a bit of money.

And once you do, you get the book, and 3 BIG BONUSES.

Yeah, not only are you getting The secret of The Vagabond's cloak - not just gonna let you fend for yourself; I want you to do you, be you, and flourish right now. That's why you're getting access to these 3 Big Bonuses:

Big Bonus #1:

The Fury Bookclub

This will be hosted in an exclusive community, catered to the readers who purchased the book and have pressing questions with regards to Travel, Nomadism, The Way of The Vagabond, Immersion, Wisdom, and much more.

Big Bonus #2:

Mind you, this is not only, not just a session for the FAQs, a moment to get your personal pressing questions answered but also you'll be part of the MOVEMENT, all the other like minded spirits who got inspired by the theme of this book.

As a writer, feedback matters to me, and with the questions, constructive critique, comments and insights, it shines a new light on what will be (part of the) sequel(s) to this book.

Big Bonus #3:

Discount of MORE than 30% on the Prequel: The Way of Authenticity. Containing The Five Pillars to Master Authenticity, and leverage the full potential of your unique self, and much more.

When Fury came back he said: "It's about service, that's the way of the Samurai. My time as a Vagabond is meant to inhale the teachings of the road, and breathe it onto, and into the page. Which is not for me, not anymore."

When he went on his quest and handed me this letter, and The Book of The Vagabond; when I read the last sentence of the final chapter, I realized ... I think he finally got it.

I'll let you decide that for yourself.

Click the I want it button and grab The Fury, The Book of The Vagabond in the Dark now, and illuminate your scorching path to fiery insight.


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The Fury — The Book of The Vagabond in the Dark

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