Smoke Up — On Cigars

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Smoke Up — On Cigars

The Fury
7 ratings

The Most FAQ I get:

*Fury, what cigars should I smoke, what are you recommendations?* 

This Course Answers ALL your cigar questions. 

I give the basics, for cigar noobs.

I give tips, to understand cigars better. To become a Cigar Adept.

For PURE enjoyment, the more you Get Cigars, the more You love em

The More Love you Experience, the more Enriched Your Life becomes. 

I break down cigars
how to buy them
the RITUAL surrounding cigars

And you will understand how to taste them, and properly enjoy them.

People have been coming to me for years now:

Cigars with Tris, because he knows I know my shit.

Eddy about my cigar Expertise in the Casa de Fury, my private cigar group

-brother Faber about the cigar group Casa de Fury

recent addition as of 2022, love this guy

Casa Furia is INTERNATIONAL, this a bro from Romania

The Big Boss showering me with love!

Guy from London

Reaching people in SWEDEN, met this cat in 2020, personally

OG pontivflex iykyk, Putting Gods Blessings on me

Rob has been a f Day Oner supporter, so only the best advice for him.

Everything I know about Cigars. Straight from the dome.

If there's something missing or you have any dying questions, feel free to shoot me a DM.

Without Further Ado,

Click the *I want this* button and Start your Cigar Journey

Life's Short, Smoke Up ..



I want this!

Learn Everything there's to Know about Cigars. BONUS: My Personal tips and trick, and Personal Cigar Recommendations

24 pages


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