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Couple of months ago I was in your spot, didn't know where to start

Couple months later I cracked the code myself

Couple months later I found a HOLE in the market. 

Why wasn't anyone making a product about this? 

I'm a novelist — I wrote my novel LLT

I'm a Tweeter — I made my Twitter Course HACK.

I'm a storyteller — I made my Masterclass SAGA

But I'm also a content creator, and thus an observer

I don't just intent to crank out content, for the sake of content. 

You gotta look for the soft spots. 

And like I said, I found a HOLE, I had an epiphany — Archimedes Eureka like .. 

Why wasn't anyone making a product, which told you how to write a killer sales page on gumroad?

Sure there are expensive as hell copywriting courses, I've seen them, learned from them.

There are countless Youtube vids, articles, blogs, but nothing that's fast and easy to digest.

I needed to put my products on gumroad, but they weren't converting as good as my fellow brothers their products. 

What was missing?

Easy. Strong copy. 

I did what I did best. 


Basically, I just starting looking at the best salespages, and specifically on Gumroad, cuz that's where we're selling. 

Not in sales letters on the mail, not clickfunnels, not youtube, not insta, not even Twitter. 

No. We have products, listed on Gumroad. 

And we want a badass salespage to go with it, that looks cool, reads sharply, but more effectively that CONVERTS. 

SLICE is the result of that study.

In typical Fury fashion I had made HEAVY notes on how to write a tight Gumroad Salespage. 

In typical Fury fashion, I spot patterns

All Gumroad Salespages are the same — well, very similar. And if you know what to look for, it becomes a game of, Oh I see what that guy is doing

Here's What You Get:

  • A complete overview of Nine Psychological Principles, which are implemented in any type of sales page in the world. Including those on Gumroad. 
  • Six Case Studies of the best Twitter content creators and their Gumroad Salespages, with a FULL breakdown of all of them. 
  • A sharp, quick, plug-and-play GUMROAD SALES PAGE TEMPLATE. Which if you're short on time is ideal for you to start writing badass salespages on Gumroad, TODAY.

Here's What You Master: 

After finishing SLICE, you'll never have to ask that one friend who writes copy to help you with your salespages. 

Not gonna lie, all my friends come to me, Hey Fury, can you take a look at the copy in my funnel, mail, salespage, et cetera. That's why I made this damn product. Like here dude. This is how copy works. 

You won't need help anymore. But better than that, from now on, you'll always see the tricks in copy they're playing on you, and others. 

Money Back Guarantee

If you're pages don't convert, and you show proof of work, you get your money back. No risks here.

Here's What Other Gumroad Creators like You are Saying:

— The Avtoritet, creator of The Hauteur Magazine, Luxurious Lifestyle brand

— The Avtoritet released Hauteur the First Issue: Warfare in July 2020. I gave him a sneak peek of S L I C E, so he could make a converting Gumroad Salespage for it. 

— The War on Weakness, before he knew I was launching S L I C E, on the EXACT day I launched it, he DMed me, asking me for copy advice. Quite timely, or meta, or synch. 

— U.C. content creator on Twitter asking me for COPY advice, after he read SAGA, my masterclass on storytelling. 

Who is this for?

  • Not gonna lie, if you're an adept at copy, you don't need this. This is for the newcomers in the sphere, and find out about the Twitter game, and then the Gumroad game, and thinking, OK, fuck how do I sell on Gumroad? And like a complete noob, they think they can just dump shit on Gumroad. 
  • This is for content creators on Gumroad, and they're products are not converting. They've refined their offers, and tried everything else, and they know they aren't getting any sales is because of weak copy on their Gumroad Salespages. 


Just look at the Gumroad Salespages of my other products. You know my name, you know I convert.

Questions, and answers:

What makes this different than other copywriting courses?

  • It's not so fucking expensive, and gives you the bare basics of copywriting, if you're just starting out. The examples I breakdown, with knowledge of after having writtten shitton of copy, help you become proficient enough. Enough. To write a salespage on Gumroad, which converts. Again, I basically wrote this for a past self of mine, who needed this months ago. Plus you get a sweet Gumroad salespage template, which I use myself, and others, instinctively, too. If you're short on time. Read, use, plug and play. AND sell. 

What makes you a copywriter these days?

  • I'm not. Officially. Then again, I hold no degree in writing. But I'm a writer, and I know this, and you know this. It's just facts. Also, I'm a storyteller. Writing copy is just writing, and just writing stories. In the right way, with certain techniques, and principles. I just observed what others were doing, which is one of my fortes, and just copied their copy. Child's play.


The Finale

And in proper meta fashion, ofcourse, this Gumroad Salespage was written with the knowledge that resides in SLICE. 

Want to know what kind of tricks I played on you?

Click the *I want this button*, and find out, and Become a Badass Copywriter who Writes Sharp as fuck Gumroad Salespages. 


I want this!


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