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La Casa de La Furia

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La Casa de La Furia

The Fury
6 ratings

You smoke cigars. 

Cigars isn't just about smoking, it's not about the fifty million fragrances that combust Into The Air

It's not about the Deep Complex Character, Woody, Grassy, Earthy, DARK, or Sweet

Smoking a Cigar is an Expression of Yourself. 

*There's just something about smoking a cigar that feels like a celebration*

Smoking Cigars is a Testament to your Desire for Life, Your Ambition, Your Hunger to Conquer Big Bold Lofty Near IMPOSS*BLE dreams, rather goals you are destined to manifest .. 

That Cigar your're smoking is about you as man, enjoying life.

And Life is about people, brothers. 

But when you smoke a cigar, you're different. 


You enjoy EVERYTHING that revolves AROUND the cigar. 

The Ritual.

You do your research, which smokes to get, you go to the fancy shop downtown, or in a pinch, you ship em from online. But in the shop, you talk shop with the dude dressed up, or the old man dressed down, salty and weary but full of life and ..

You ask for Recommendations ..

You take the cigars home. 

You want to smoke em with your bros, but they don't smoke .. 

Or if they do, they just smoke cigarettes, and their palate will never be as Refined as Yours, to appreciate all the smaller minutiae and Intricacies that are involved in the Complex Dimension of Smoking a Cigar.

You want to smoke em with your h-- women, but they'll never understand ...

And if you're a bit like me, you find some kindred spirits who have a DEEP ROOTED PASSION for cigars. 

But they're all online, and Scattered ..


Without Further Ado, Be Amazed by this Genius Idea I've Concocted ..

Mi Casa es Su Casa 

— My House is Your House. 




Let's talk Shop. 

Here's What You Get:

  • Personal Hand Picked Cigar Recommendations by yours truly [smoked over 500+ cigars, for Half a Decade almost]

  • Access to Cigar Brothers All Around the World, who get you. You can 'spam' em all you want, with your cigar pics, videos, and share the experiences that last a life time [of all the 210+ sticks I've smoked, I remember each and every one of them, ESPECIALLY ones smoked in company, in brotherhood, or just shared, this is what I'm offering ..] — ALL REACHABLE Through your PHONE, in YOUR POCKET.

  • A 100% guarantee your tasting palate will improve significantly and be more refined [will get to this later ..] 

  • Your cigar experiences will be heightened, snapped into focus, and your appreciation for cigars, if that was possible at all, will be tripled ..

I'm offering unique experiences, knowledge, enjoyment, things that can't be priced, that are invaluable.

This is Casa de La Furia. 

The World's Only Digital Cigar Lounge, in YOUR POCKET. 

Enter. And you'll see the reason why I build this is because people have been coming to me for cigar recommendations for years now:

Ryan Booth, Succesful Entrepreneur, Freelance Coach, and on the regular rakes in $10k+ months. 

It doesn't matter how succesful you are, wisdom is wisdom, and Fury has it bebe, and ngl all the other dudes just typing, Smoke Cohiba, underneath that Tweet .. they don't understand palate, I knew Ryan loves dark chocolate so I recommended him my favorite Nicaraguan...I hit DIFFERENT.

Michael Paik, Hublot wearer, White Henny lover, Rakes in $10k+ deals in one day, on the regular, and ofcourse asking La Furia what to smoke .. I am IT, bebe.

"How long have you been smoking cigars, brother, how do you know so much about them?"

— L. Castillo, Venture Captalist, Peak Performer, Startup Mentor sharing a Montecristo Edmundo with me Digitally ..

This is the crowd I roll with. 

Check the cool cigar experiences, you'll get to enjoy IN, it's all love:

- rolling with Gs, in Bucharest, Romania

and ofcourse my brother understands it:

Working Multiple Hustles, Owner of many a things, His Own Magazine, and Lifestyle Brand, Popping Some Smoke in THE Euro Capital, Brussels, whilst his loving and devoted wife makes stunning photos of him. A symbol of true passion, an appetite for LIFE. [confirmed his wife loves the smell of davidoffs, we be putting game out even bros ..]

And then we go CRUISING:

You grab an ELITE Davidoff, a hot and strong and yum Espresso. And We go to the MOUNTAINS boissss. This is my bro, chilling in his Village in the Mountains. AUSTRIA. This is the Life, Cigar in Hand, brother at the ready.

So what's in it for you?

You're not getting richer, more jacked, you might get some mad fine ass women if you smoke cigars tho. 

And the subscription price is in fact very symbolic. It's about the price of a smoke. 

So you're doing me a solid. The worlds greatest samurai smoker. You're offering me a smoke each month, and in return you get access to the worlds only digital cigar lounge. 

I came up with this genius idea, sparring with the Avtoritet, brother aforementioned, chilling with his espresso and wifey, but also with many other succesful entrepreneurs:

Sharing my latest catch the Joya Black Line to a Dropship Legend 

And of course giving premium advice, to the same bro as above, while other people just shout cohiba cohiba, they know nothing ..

Here's what an experienced cigar smoker is saying, while he's enjoying a smoke in La Casa de La Furia:



Here's what a Novice cigar smoker is saying, while he's enjoying a smoke in La Casa de La Furia:


-Eddy Quan WaronWeakness

And here's what others like you are saying:

bro from Scandinavia

a Bro from Romania

Guy sending love from London

bro met back in 2020 in Sweden

pontivflex iykyk

Rob has truly been a Day Oner showing me nothing but love and Always give the Best Advice to him.

BONUS: You get invited to the most Private Cigar Clubs. All around the WORLD.

We talked Rituals

I'm offering you the last puzzle piece of The Cigar Ritual


If you saw the price tag, and HESITATED, even just for a second, you can't afford cigars, don't know me, dont wanna know me, and don't wanna RELISH in my Sheer Cigar Abundance and JOY that cigars bring to me and my boys. 

Cigars is the key to a paradise of a moment to yourself. A repose. It's sheer passion and enjoyment and laughter and joy. 

Cigars always brought a smile to my face, and I've brought it to many others. 

So enter my lounge, kickback and chill, click the 

*I want this* button

And smile with us, with a cigar in hand of course. 

PS: Lifetime Membership is also an option. Inquire if interested pls. It saves you money, if you end up staying a YEAR.


You Join The World's Only Digital Cigar Lounge


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