SAGA โ€” A Master Class: Listening to Your Inner Storytelling Voice

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SAGA โ€” A Master Class: Listening to Your Inner Storytelling Voice

The Fury
27 ratings

*Come closer* 

Let's begin.  

Let me tell you a story.

Let me tell you about


You've been struggling with writing 

You think writing is reserved for elite, or *gifted* people

You procastinate constantly on your writing

You experience heavy sessions of *writer's block*

Finally, you don't know what the difference between mere writing and STORYTELLING is.

If any of the above is you, don't worry, I got you covered...

SAGA is the only masterclass on writing and storytelling you will EVER need. 

SAGA is broken down in FOUR ACTS.

Here's What You MASTER:

๐Ÿ“œ ACT I โ€” The Premiere

  • The Number ONE thing ALL writers get wrong - Hint: It's not what you think, but intuitively it FEELS right
  • A Storyteller Mindset
  • Demystifying The Writer's Myth
  • TWENTY ways to Overcome Procrastination + Break Writer's Block
  • How to Cultivate SUBLIME CONFIDENCE in your Storytelling Capabilities

๐Ÿ“œ ACT II โ€” The Skeleton Beneath the Skin

  • How To COMPLETELY STRUCTURE ANY STORY. From Start, to Finish.
  • Understanding how Readers, and Your Audience Think
  • Passing The Airport Test - Readers Give you Less than 5 seconds chance to purchase your story, switching planes on a layover...
  • How to HOOK your reader from the first word, and never let go. Until the last.
  • How to UTTERLY DOMINATE The Art of The First Line...most don't even know where to begin with this, or will never master this. There's a sublime art in polishing a fine first sentence most will never dream of achieving. 
  • 4 Case Studies of Excellent First Lines
  • How to Adopt The First Reader Principle and get into the shoes of your reader, to always craft the Perfect Story.
  • 3 Way to Properly Outline ANY Story.
  • Never Edit Again.
  • How use YOUR OWN Unique Thing, which is the internal motor of your story, and makes it propel all on its own.



Yeah I forget to tell you. I'm giving it all away. All I know. Honestly, I've been at this thing, this writing gig, this art of storytelling. This noble pursuit of being the ultimate wordsman.

For over a DECADE. 

Yup. 10 years. But it's good news for you. It's time for me to pass the mantle. 

You're getting it all.

I've been secretly supplying my divine nectar - SAGA - to a Test Audience

Here's What a Person Like You has to Say:

He send me a frikking VIDEO on Instagram of a Painter SPLASHING HEAVY AMOUNTS of Paint on a blank canvas. The VEHEMENSLY IMPACT of my words did that to him, he associated my Storytelling with ART. No laurels could be higher than that.

*end intermezzo*

Now, I got WAY more for you coming up. This is the last Two ACTS you Master...I promise...


๐Ÿ“œ ACT III โ€” Style

  • How To Master The Comma Like Hemingway and Kafka
  • How to Create a BEAT in your prose - yup, you heard that right. We're jumpstarting your Story. Making it come ALIVE. VIVID and Vibrant.
  • How to set the perfect mood for your story, derived from music theory
  • How to select words with caution, to speed, OR slow...down...your story as needed
  • Master MOMENTUM - this is where most writers fail. I will show you the keys to mastering the speed of your storytelling. 
  • LISTENING TO YOUR INNER STORYTELLING VOICE - why if you can talk, you can write
  • The Four Fundamentals of Story: Scenery, Plot, Dialogue, and Character
  • Mastering True Dialogue: This is perhaps the ultimate writer's test. Here most fail. You can either write dialogue, or you can't.
  • The ULTIMATE SUSPENSION HACK. A ingrained psychological effect that plays a heavy role in our brains. The CHEMICAL reason why we crave mystery, and HOW to utilize this Trick - to make your audience be on the edge of their seat, cling to each and EVERY word of yours. 

Honestly, this trick alone is worth the price. Fuck, can't believe I'm giving my ultimate weapon away. But like I said, I'm turning the page, it's your turn now. Your turn to write your SAGA.

๐Ÿ“œ ACT IV โ€” The Cave

  • The underlying Two Stories ALL stories that were EVER made are based upon. Yes, there are only two.
  • 10+ Archetypes which house in every story, and has been for the EONS.
  • Understanding why we as humans inherently crave storytelling and fantastic narratives, dating back from a Pre-Homer Oral Tradition, all the way to this very moment.
  • The Whisper of Legends

Don't worry:

You get 100% Moneyback Guarantee, if you show proof of work you've done.

Zero risk, here.

Here's What Other People Like You are Saying:

โ€” V.R.



"I enjoyed the product. Legit. The product is good. The comma-period part is where most of us will get a ton of value from. I intend to use it on my maillist, extensively."

โ€” A. R. โ€” Email Marketeer

โ€” Koeguel, Kickboxer, Content Creator, Self Improvement Enthousiast

โ€”Wild Woman (Sam), (Web) Designer and Agency Owner

Here's What Other People Like You are Saying about Fury Writing:

"With SAGA you put the reader into the writer's chair. I like how you're able to give advice as recommendations, and not as hard truths. You have this talent, man, where you're able to give very good advice. But in a way, that kinda gives readers space, to put their own input. 

Having read HACK [Twitter Course], and now SAGA, that's the vibe I get. I really like that about your writing. It's not forceful. It's suggestive. That's when good writing works. Suggestive, but not forceful. 

It comes through in your writing how Lee Child [NYT #1 Bestseller] has influenced you, and that's cool, I can clearly tell how you've thought through the ideas [of Lee Child mentioned in SAGA]. It's always interesting when I come across artists, who I can't clearly define, and you're one of them. Which is cool.

SAGA is a brilliant book. I really enjoyed the section, where you talk about the three different ways people plan out a story. The other cool part is the section where you write about the periods and commas. Very cool."

โ€” The War on Weakness, Content Creator, Writer, Digital Curator

Questions, and answers:

  • Is SAGA for beginners, or more experienced authors?

Both. It lays down the fundementals, the groundwork for anybody who's ever interested in picking up the pen. After this masterclass anyone will have mastered writing. Beginners will learn more. But even adepts will be surprised at the angles covered.

  • I've never written before, do you think this is for me?

Absolutely. If you've never even begun writing. This is the perfect jump-off point. Most writers get their minds polluted with noise, and poor advice. Bad programming. This masterclass makes you rely solely on yourself, from the start. And once you get the ground running, you won't ever need other's advice, or that which is presented in SAGA.

  • I am a copywriter, or write ads,or write for business related purposes or nonfiction, is this for me too?

Hell yeah. Everything is a story. This is one of the core tenets on which SAGA is founded on. The psychological tricks, tips, and hacks to make your readers hooked will be benefitial for any form of writing you're in. This is not just for longform fiction storytelling. 

*Come closer*

Not gonna lie, I'm doing this for selfish reasons. 

The main underlying theme is legendhood. 


See, I've been at this for more than a decade. TEN years. I can't believe it.

One day I woke up and thought I'd just give it all away.

All my secrets, all the thousands of pages, and drafts, and notes. All the hours, days, and weeks, and YEARS, of research into the Majestic Art of Storytelling. 

Ofcourse. I'm not done. 

But here's the thing. That day when I woke up, I knew the power of the pen, and it's inherent capabilities that make it surpass the sword.

See with my word as my sword to serve, I can knight you as the next storyteller. 

This is what legacy is. From word to word. Wordsman to wordsman.

This is how legends are born.

By now you understand what SAGA is. Was. And always will be. 

I was born to tell this story. 

It was in the making, perhaps destined, birthed millennia ago, and now manifested right before you.

And now it's your turn.

It's your time to shine. To take up the pen. Dip it in ink.

And splash it on the blank page as your canvas.

You are the master now.

This is no longer mine.

It's out of my hands

This is Your SAGA

Click the *I want this* Button and Master Your SAGA.


I want this!


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