HACK — How to Make Your Tweets Deadly as a Sword

The Fury
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Everyone wants to know. 

Well, Here it is.

I present to you my Tweeting Hacks.

Make your tweets Razor-Sharp.


You will Get a sneak Peek, behind the Curtain.

No stones unturned, all the magic revealed.

Here's what you'll get:

⚔️ My Personal Tried and Trusted Tweeting Ritual

⚔️ The Underlying Secret Why my words Always Cut Deep

⚔️ The One thing NO ONE on Twitter tells You about Tweeting

⚔️ A Complete Break-down of my Best Tweets, how and WHY they Soar

⚔️ Inspiration for Your Tweets, looking to the Legends

Here's what people like you are saying: 

-@thebodhisattva4 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"As someone who has been a close follower of Fury, I was very excited to learn the inner workings of his tweet writing process. HACK is a detailed book which covers something I haven't yet seen addressed in other Twitter guides; how to find your authentic self and express it clearly and concisely through Tweets. You will discover everything from how he creates ideas for tweets, to how he crafts his tweets to his tweet writing schedule. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in improving their tweet writing skills."





Who is this for?


Winners ONLY.

Craft Your Own Tweets with Authenticity, Rawness, and a Beating Heart.

  • No more Platitudes
  • No more Quotes
  • No more Shitposts
  • No more BULLSHIT.

CUT out all the inessentials of your tweets, refine, and sharpen them.

And finally get that SICK engagement, and grow your account.

Gain Powerful Allies, Rake in Cash, and Fortify your place on the Digital Battleground. 

Questions, and Answers:

  • How fast can I expect to see results?

You have to put in the work, and automate your tweets consistently. There are also growth and engagement strategies you will have to employ. Which I do not specifically cover. I do, however, point you to other approved resources. 

  • Will I be able to Tweet EXACTLY like you?

No. I give you my toolkit, and underlying principles I personally use to create an effective and efficient Tweeting system. 

100% Moneyback Guarantee.

If you show proof of work, you will get your money back if not satisfied. So there is zero risk, no worries. 

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Come ON, it's YABOY ROLY!



Check out this badboy - 170,000 impressions!!!

This is my best tweet ever 330 RTs + 1k likes - We made it, baby!

Nibba need I to go on? This flexing hits different, y'all...

I'm just getting STARTED.

I think you get the point. I write deadly tweets. They hit hard.

I cut through life with razor precision, and this mindset bleeds into my tweets.

My tweets live. They own a sense of VITALITY. Nothing like it out there. 

I put out my personal writing secrets. Specifically attuned to Tweeting. 

I put out my Ultimate Tweeting HACK. 

For You.

Don't Wait. 

Start Sharpening your Tweets TODAY. 

Make Your Tweets HIT HARD. DEADLY. Get that sweet engagement. 

And Soldify your place on Twitter, as a Certified Badass. 

CUT through all the nonsense, through all your obstacles. 

SLICE through your competitors. 

Click the *I want this* button and START HACKING.


I want this!

The Ultimate Tweeting HACK + BONUS Approved Resources

40 pages


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HACK — How to Make Your Tweets Deadly as a Sword

22 ratings
I want this!