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The Fury
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A Kid went to Thailand. A Man returned home. 

When he was young, the Kid was anxious, shy, introverted. 
Prone to isolation, even. 

Felt people didn't get him, or he not them. 
An outsider looking in. 

Eventually, the Kid stumbled upon one of his great loves. 
To roam the vast realms of the world, like a vagabond.

Like Samurai. 
Samurai have masters though.

The Kid did not. 
Therefore, the Kid defined himself to bee a ronin.


A masterless Samurai destined to roam. 


In places such as Budapest, Hungary, and Ljubljana, Slovenia, the Kid found himself. 
He found home

The Kid struck upon the notion home is not a place. 
Home is people. 

That's why the Kid never felt at home in The Netherlands, Rotterdam.
Sure he had family by blood. 
But the connection never was there. 

The Ronin Kid found his home on the road.
The Road was his home.

However, if home would be a place, it wouldn't be just one. 
It'd be places. 
Plural. All over the world. 

The Kid found out his home was global. 
With citizens of the world.
The kind, the good, the open, the brave.
The Free.

February 2019. The Ronin Kid went to Thailand. 
The Kid never came back.

Changed for good. For ever. 
The Kid killed his past. 
The Ronin cut down the Kid. 
And made place for One. 

Thailand eradicated the impurities of his past, and ushered in a new era.

The Ronin Era.

The Ronin returned home. 
The Ronin found home. 
He found out home is a place residing in your soul.

Now finally where he belongs, at peace. 
The Ronin writes this love letter to one of his Great Loves. 


This novel is that very letter. 

The Kid went to Thailand. 
A ronin came home.

Fury found home.

To you, Thailand. 
My home.

Here's what others like You are saying:


-@X. Heller⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"You gotta write bro, you have a very unique style."

-@theavtoritet ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"You got the life experiences, the stories, bro, write about it."

-@virtusmusic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

— J.D., painter, artist, drawer, photographer from Canada loving my work. He hints at why people call me Fury. A story set in CE, maybe one day I'll finish that story. 

— B.J. hints at that I have a massive influence on young men, which I do, which we know, we'll see if I will arrange grand voyages to take over the world ..

Who is this for?

For fans of Hemingway, Jack Kerouac, Rimbaud, Hunter S. Thompson, Charles Bukowski. My writing style, and life, has been compared with these great iconoclasts. The highest of praises. 

This book is a full novel, dictating two weeks of my life, from start to finish. It is PURELY non-fiction, and everything in transcribed in reality. 

It was inspired by Hemingway's A Moveable Feast, which solidified his time in Paris, for generations to come. This is my take, my go at it, crystalizing my time in Thailand, for perhaps, eons to come. 

Questions, and Answers:

  • Does this book contain a lot of nudity, and sex?

Hardly. Almost zero. It's a pure non fiction novel, sketching life in its fullest form. The highs and lows of a young Fury, adventurer, making his way through Thailand.

  • Is there copious amounts of HEAVY BOOZING AND SMOKING involved?

Why yes. That is the name of the game. 

  • Which places of Thailand did you visit?

Four places. Bangkok, the capital. Phuket. Kho Phi Phi. And Kho Phangan. The last two are islands. 

  • Did you really got into a fight?

Not so much got INTO, but moreso Volunteered. You'll see, it's all in the book. Even a FULL post-fight breakdown, just like in the UFC, is in the book. 

This was a once in a lifetime experience. In this form, in this way, with this kind of ENERGY.

It can never take place again.

That's okay. It's stored safely in the past, and can be unlocked, at a whim.

By any reader.

This is was being a living legend is all about. 

Forging stories, AND then sharing them.

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