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The Forbidden Scroll kills the game. 

If you're into self-improvement, This Scroll Blows you Away, and Blows away any other Competition straight outta the water. 

Read one scroll, and you level up INSANELY, in All Facets of Life: health, wealth, development of your skills, relationships. 

Self Mastery. Other chumps are busy constantly trying to self-improve, not even covering their basics, but we're already intending to Self Master. A whole another ball game, if you ask me. 

Who is this For?

If you love my Tweets, the content on my Telegram — ngl, that's where a lot of the insights of the First Forbidden Scroll was born. If you love my Weekly Scrolls, my Emails.

The Forbidden Scrolls is the Ultimate Fury Product. 

It's a sublime curation of all the prime content, in one bite size Scroll, for you to consume, Instantly have levelled up, and Ready to Attack the Next Month.

Want ALL 14 back issues of the Forbidden Scroll at half price?

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but you can get all 14 for just $49 (save: $63).

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PS: if you want the full overview of what's inside all the Scrolls give this (slightly longer table of contents) a read:

Forbidden Scroll 1 

Health Rituals


Purposeful Long Walks, The Secret to Eureka Moments

Zazen: The Ultimate Stillness Tool, Literally

Sui-zen: Melting in the Moment

Samurai Songs for a Still Mind

How to Break Free from Phone Addiction

Making your Bed First thing in The Morning and 10x Your Productivity

Fury’s Personal Sleeping Ritual

Fury’s Personal Meditation Ritual


Oldschool Soviet Trick to Boost Your Lifting

Pavel Tsatsouline Strength Principles

How to go from 1 Pull Up to 30 Pull Ups, in 3 Months

80/20 Powerlifting — How to Add 110+ Pounds to Your Lifts in a Year


The Visualization Technique to FEEL Everything You want

80% of life not lived in the peaks and valleys

Discovery of the Sixth Sense

Leveraging your Flaws

Wealth Rituals

How to Structure Your New Year and Get a Head Start on Your Competition

Development Rituals

Fury’s Personal Journaling Routine

The Ultimate and Only Style Hack You Need to Master

How to get Free Dry Cleaning while Traveling

The One Style Move that Exudes Maturity

Be your Own person

Relation Rituals

The Underlooked Character Trait that is a Force Multiplier in These Uncertain Times

Understanding a Key Characteristic of Nature giving your Pure Peace of Mind

The Key Difference Between Emotions, Feelings, And Moods

The Zero Friction Rule: The Ultimate Stress Hack


How to Sift Out the Thots and Get The Girls that Really Like You

Using the Past Life of a NYT Bestseller to Polarize your Way into Getting The Girl that Adore You

How to Create The Perfect Bonnie and Clyde Moment on a Date and Get Her Wet

Forbidden Scroll 2 


Metaphysical Skills

Smoking Mental Visualization to Discard Negativity Instantly

Colorization and Concretization, Keys to Master Your Mind


How Pouring Tea The Morrocan Way Eases Your State of Being

Using the Ancient Arts of The Yogis to Breathe Optimally

Flossing is The Silver Bullet to Upgrade Your Sex Life

Understanding The Principles of Fitness to 10x Your Physicality


Book of Spells

Death Poem

Forbidden Scroll 3


Embracing Boredom is The Key to Increasing Your Output

How Flossing, Eating Celery, and Polishing your Nails Lead to Better Sex Life

The Lacrosse Ball (baseball or tennis ball too!) is the Fitness Recovery Hack You haven’t been Trying — Rubbing Your Feet with a Ball makes You Happy — Favorite IG Fitness Account and Lat Raises Tweak


What is Love — On the Chemical Level: Understanding How Your Brain Works when it is In Love can Result in more Rational Decision Making

How the Wolf of Wallstreet State Shifts INSTANTLY to Make Killer SALES Calls

How To Never Lose Your Mind


Ancient Spartan War Music

Jing Chinese Philosophy and Rituals

Aylyak — The Bulgarian Concept of Peace

Forbidden Scroll 4 


The Ultimate Superfood to Enrich your Health but also Up your Dick Game

Secret Cure to Hangover That No one Talks About

The One Thing The Coach of Conor McGregor Uses After a Workout to Make it Feel That Much More Rewarding


How To Manipulate The Feeling of Buying New Shoes to Always Feel Amazing


Immersive Single Tasking and ASMR Rooms

A New Form of Yoga to Rest and Recover and Rejuvenate

Perpetual Tunes to Lock in On Flow and Calm your Daily Grind

Forbidden Scroll 5 


Original Fear and Original Desire

Gatha Poems

Deep Flow For Ever

Meditating Under the Tree for more Chi

Prophecies Sent From the Future

Mind Body and Spirit

Seven Types of Rest


How to be More Articulate

Forbidden Scroll #6 

How To Leverage All Your Senses, and the Most Underutilized One to Create Amazing Experiences Daily

The Morning Ritual and the Only Thing You can do During Brushing Your Teeth

Master Your Breathwork

A Ritual of Peace

A Glass Bottle Message to Your Future Self but Different

New Way of Journaling

The Worst Place to put your wallet to Get it Stolen and The Best EASY Free Practice to Prevent this from Happening

How to Get Rid of The Hiccups

Tea Ceremony and Tea Pets

The Easy way to Flawless Memory

How Covid Changed Us

Forbidden Scroll #7 


A 30 Second Should Tension Torcher

Three Pro Tips to Increase your Strength Right Now

The Best Novel Way to get Optimal Fluffy ASF Eggs

The Two Main Chemicals that Make You Happy


The New Way of Walking and Leveraging it to Give you Insane Creativity

Master your Mind by doing this One Thing

The Fresh Way to Work on Proper Breath Work

Returning to the (New) Normal Can lead To Anxiety


Six Stages of Faith

Design your Own Fantastical World to Escape to

Rare Alan Watts Footage

How to find Meaning and Purpose in Life

Forbidden Scroll #8 


How linguistics is the key to love and culture

7 cooking rules to break

The Smooth Handle

Three Life Lessons from Warren Buffet


Tea invigorates your daily life

Hot Drink That Lowers Blood Pressure

The Secret Thing You’re Not Putting in Your Coffee That Can Make Your Day Insanely Proactive


Eye of Solomon, How Symbols can Alter the Course of Your Life

The Summer of Sex?

The Japanese Concept of Purpose in Life: Ikigai

Embark on Your Hero’s Journey

Forbidden Scroll #9

Emotional Granularity

The 2-Way-Door Rule to Make Better and Faster Decisions

Emotional Indulging v Processing

Neuroscience your way to the perfect morning

New Super Beverage for Insane Energy with ZERO Caffeine

The Feeling Awe and how To Lifestyle Design your Life around it

The Unique Human Art Form for the Brain Health

Summer Tunes

Anchoring Bias and Memory Palace


Forbidden Scroll #10 

Law of Compensation

Act as if you’re already dead and you will never hesitate again

The Ever Moving Mind

Dwelling on the Bad makes it Manifest

Forbidden Scroll #11 

Sneak Peek Essays: Acceleration, Meditation, Dreams, Fathers, CHESS

Leveraging Dreams to Maximize your productivity while You SLEEP


The Devil can Hear Your Actions and Make you Slip Up

Forbidden Scroll #12 


Riding Emotions

Rage Mode

The Power of MOVING

A Formula for Motivation - A Secret I use Daily

How keeping a personal Death Note ensures you never Truly fall

The Michael Jordan Way of Winning

Nobility and the Lost Art of Keeping your Word

Ikigai and Finding your purpose in Life

Switching up your Workout Routine

Dont Ignore the Midnight Messenger

Forbidden Scroll #13

Four Essays: Brothers, Ancestors, Seconds of Peace, Invisible War

Multiple Ways of Communication

Two types of Meditation

Current Journal Template

Forbidden Scroll #14

Hero King Archetype

The Hero’s Journey Within the Hero’s Journey

Laying your Sword Down

Leveraging the Other Archetypes

Going to the Dark Side Integrating your Shadow and your Flaws

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Year One of The Forbidden Scroll: 12 Back Issues


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The Forbidden Scroll Bundle

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